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You can count on the pool and spa professionals at KS Pool Tech, LLC to prepare your pool or spa for the long winter ahead. Since our service operates on a 'first come, first serve' basis, it's never too early to make your reservation.


Contact us for more information or give us a call at 920-822-3853 and reserve your appointment today, to avoid pool closing delays as the season draws to a close. We will contact you with our yearly closing letter and form to make your reservation, as the season ends.

Providing Professional Pool and Spa Closing Services

Getting your pool ready for the winter ahead

Let our experienced pool and spa professionals help you end the summer season by getting your pool or spa properly shut down for the long winter ahead. We have over 20 years of experience with every aspect of pool and spa maintenance, and we'll make sure that yours is shut down properly and safely.


We will drain the water lever by some 12-18 inches, blow all PVC pipes out with high-powered air, plug all pool fittings, winterize all of the equipment and add anti-freeze to the pipes, and add winter chemicals to ensure your pool stays free from algae and bacteria. We also provide you with a pool cleaning option, prior to placing the winter cover for the season.

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Make Your Pool and Spa Closing Reservations Today

Pool closing

Spa closing services to protect your investment

Before you close your spa for the winter, depend on our expert services to get your spa winter-ready. First, we completely drain your spa. Next, we vacuum out any water that didn't drain away. Finally, we blow out all pipes using high-powered air. When we have finished providing this service, your spa will be like new. We use air to completely dry your spa instead of anti-freeze in order to protect your pipes. Once the closing is completed, we highly recommend that you add an additional tarp over your cover which we have put in place for you.