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Pool equipment Jacuzzi repairs

When your pool or spa needs repairs, you can depend on the experienced professionals at KS Pool Tech, LLC to diagnose and repair your problems quickly, and at a fair price. We specialize in leak detection and repair for all pools and spas - we even have scuba diving equipment to make repairs underwater, and electronic leak detection equipment to isolate the source of a pool liner leak.


If your pool or spa needs work or an upgrade, give us a call today at 920-822-3853 to schedule an appointment.

Professional Services for All Pool and Spa Systems

Full-service repairs and replacements

  • Repairs for all makes and models of spas, hot-tubs, and pool equipment

  • Warranty repairs for jacuzzi and sundance

  • Cover replacements

  • Spa winterizing services (no RV anti-freeze needed, all lines blown out with high-pressure air)

  • Gas line installations

  • Retractable cover installations and repairs

Call us today for your FREE estimate on pool liners, winter covers, or equipment upgrades


  • Spa and hot-tub moving equipment

  • Chemical, filters, and accessories

  • Electronic leak detection services

  • Pump and jet repair

  • Heater repairs and replacements

  • Circuitboard electronic troubleshooting

  • 30,000-gallon capacity in holding tanks to do repairs without water loss

If your pool's water level is falling faster than simple evaporation could count for, then you may have a leak. Our leak detection specialists are all certified scuba divers, which allows us to perform underwater leak detection and repairs, without draining your pool.


Using specialized equipment from Anderson Manufacturing, we scan every square inch of your above-ground or in-ground pool. Using this equipment, our specialists can detect and repair leaks as small as a pinhole.


Call us today at 920-822-3853 for more information about our leak detection services. We also offer a complete line of pool liners that can be custom-fit to your pool's specifications.

Leak detection and liner installations

We'll treat you like you deserve to be treated

We take pride in our quality work and in our superb customer service. We believe in treating you right, and making sure that you're satisfied with every job we do. You can count on us for courteous, prompt, and professional services every time.


We'll call you a day before our service call, as a courtesy reminder, and we'll always respect your schedule by providing a 2-hour window of time for all service calls. We'll also ask your permission to drive our vehicles on your lawn, if that is required, and we also carry much of the equipment and parts we need on our trucks, thus reducing your pool's downtime.


Pool season is short, and we want to make sure that you get to enjoy every minute of it!


Professional Pool and Spa Repair Services